The CRC (Centre Réseau Communication) is part of the Université Louis Pasteur ULP of Strasbourg and is member of EUCOR.

It is in charge of the computer network, called OSIRIS, used by the University. This network links more than 70 buildings on several campuses. It is mainly based on optic fibre links between buildings and copper links inside buildings. Network technologies being used are Ethernet and FDDI.

Several network protocols such as TCP/IP, Decnet, Appletalk and IPX allow for a wide spectrum of applications (electronic mail, file transfer, remote computing, access to libraries, World Wide Web, etc...). More than 3500 computers are currently connected to Osiris.

The main function of the CRC is to develop and maintain the network infrastructure (routers, optical links, leased links, name servers). It is also responsible for network services such as mail servers and WWW servers.

In the framework of the TESUS 1 project, the CRC will allow the use of the local network (OSIRIS) infrastructure, in particular optical links wherever available. It will be responsible for the functioning of the network infrastructure in Strasbourg and of network links towards other partners.

Internet access will be proposed before specific high speed links are available for this project.

Equipment and manpower will be put at the disposal of the TESUS 1 project without external funding.

In TESUS 2, the CRC will implement high speed links on the University campus between several clinics: for this purpose, a router will be needed to interconnect the high speed local area network (FDDI) to the ATM link proposed by the public operator.


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