France Telecom is a public operator in telecommunications active participator since many years in the development of ATM technologies. F.T. has as such been very attentive to all the new applications needing full utilisation of the possibilities of this new technique.

Thus, the regional Administration of Alsace has identified in the TESUS project a potential carrier of needs in telecommunication imposing ATM. The different phases of the project correspond to the mounting equipment implementation in ATM, in terms of transmission rates as well as geography deployement. The regional administration of Strasbourg participates in TESUS l in the 2 Mbit/s rate, later in the 34 Mbit/s, on 2 French sites and one German site.

Interworking with other public operators of the EU will be carried out in the coming weeks to implement the project as described. A true form of cooperation can be envisaged through this project.

France Telecom employs 158000 people, the regional administration 2950, and the Europe Agency of Strasbourg 75 people.


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