The FORSCHUNGSZENTRUM KARLSRUHE will contribute to the TESUS project according to its expertise gained in two project-related areas:


  • Development of telepresence techniques for application in minimally invasive surgery within the ARTEMIS project (Advanced Robotics and Telemanipulator System for Minimally Invasive Surgery), a joint research activity with the surgical clinic of the University of Tübingen.


  • Specification, implementation and application of computer networks, local area networks (LANs based on Ethernet and FDDI) as well as high speed communication networks based on ATM for multimedia communication within the framework of telesurgery applications in the context of the ARTEMIS project.

Accordingly, the role of the FZK in this project will be to specify the requirements concerning the ATM and ISDN based communication infrastructure for TESUS as resulting from the envisaged applications. In particular, the determination of capacities and required quality of service, the topology to be accommodated by available interconnections and circuitry to be installed as well as the specification of interfacing equipment has to be done during the starting phase of TESUS.

Furthermore FZK will provide a testbed to experimentally explore technical solutions for given advanced applications and host external expert teams.

This will prove very useful from the start on, since FZK is able to provide not only an advanced communication infrastructure including an ATM based in-house network, but also prototype telepresence equipment for minimally invasive surgery including 3-D video endoscope systems (a development based on FZK patents), a computer controlled teleoperated endoscope guidance system and the pre-prototype of a surgical telemanipulator, the latter being the result of the ARTEMIS project in 1995.

Starting by mid 1995, FZK will have a alasfiber based 34 Mbit/s interconnection to the BELWÜ network of Baden/Würtenberg, Germany, which provides a high speed interconnecting infrastructure to all universities and engineering schools in Baden/Würtenberg. Together with the Telekom ATM-pilot and EUCOR, BELWÜ provides a means to interconnect TESUS partners in Germany, Switzerland and Strasbourg.


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