The Strasbourg, France, hospital is a CHRU, a regional University Hospital, covering 2 districts in the East of France, with a population of about 1.624.200. Strasbourg has a population of 450.000. The Strasbourg Universities are part of EUCOR.

The hospital contains 3.200 hospital beds covering all medical and surgical specialities. It employs 9.000 people.

The Digestive and Endocrine Surgery Department has the following characteristics:

Medical staff: 1 Head of department, 1 assistant professor, 1 surgeon, six consultants, three senior residents, six junior residents, five anaesthesiologists

65 surgical beds in three wards

5 operating rooms

30.000 consultations per year

4.000 surgical procedures per year

The IRCAD and EITS are the scientific research and surgical training facilities of this clinical unit.

The research facility already comprises of modern video-equipment as it is the first testing site for all developed communication equipment of the Eurêka Project MASTER.

Besides, this laparoscopic surgery training location with more than 200 European expert surgeons who come to teach every year seems the ideal site for testing and promoting various concepts elaborated under TESUS before broader application. These experts' review and input in the developments will sanction its sweeping appeal and diffusion after field testing.

A short description of the teaching and training facility of the EITS, the European Institute of Telesurgery, should comprise of the experimental operating room with 16 tables, where 15 ătrainee" operating tables report to one expert operating table, the role of which is to show the step by step procedure and to verify its correct implementation on the trainee tables, all by video transmission and audio comment. The other aspect is a 140 seats hemicycle and a video library both with video transmission equipment allowing connections with on-site and off-site operating rooms for demonstration purposes.


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