The Rechenzentrum Karlsruhe is a prime mover in the definition and implementation of the research networks of south-western Germany.

Under its auspices are currently the realisation of the BELWÜ science network as well as ATM 155 Mbit/s links in Germany and of course the EUCOR part of the ATM pilotprojects in Europe.

These network developments in broadband transmission are under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Gerhard SCHNEIDER.

The interest of the Rechenzentrum Karlsruhe in the realisation of these networks is an important contribution to the TESUS project, as the to be created infrastructure is in need of users who require this kind of transmission rates. Dr. Gerhard Schneider will be in charge of facilitating the creation of the links inside the EUCOR universities as well as the opening of these links to outside connections.


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