Economic and Social Impact

A non negligible offspring of these aspects will be me high potential for telesurgical counselling outside the EU. Today, big American firms offer sum-key solutions to teaching and training problems in developing countries, incorporating the teachers - American surgeons of the best level - as well as the complete transmission technology - satellite and only satellite. This was recently demonstrated when one of the partners, Prof. Marescaux, was in Kuwait to speak about Telesurgery, on the invitation of the host country. After presenting technological solutions like the Eurêka project MASTER and European training centres like KITS, he was told by high level health offcials of this country that this co-operation offer, made in an academic frame of mind, was quite enticing, but that negotiations were already well under way with an American firm to furnish this pay-service in a few months.

European Medicine must not wait to be pushed out of the world stage and be told to take care of Eastern Europe only.

If the European Union wants to radiate outside its frontiers, one of the best ways to do so is to offer its best doctors and surgeons for training purposes. TESUS would allow for this solution without European patients loosing their best and highly skilled professionals.

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