A. State of the Art (Video and Database)

The partners in this project have in the past years maintained an active understanding of the field, be it Alcatel in the domain of ATM switching, transmission, videocompression and visiophony where this firm is a world leader, or IRCAD in the domain of telesurgery for which it is a European centre of excellence a leader in training and teaching of this surgical speciality.

Various experiments have been undertaken, such as SONATE (private ATM network, offering high quality video, sound and data interconnection). A prototype was built in collaboration with CNET (French National Research Telecommunications Facility) and was demonstrated through public network between Lannion - Rennes and Paris. The expertise acquired during the definition phase of the Eureka MASTER Project has enabled these two partners (ABS and IRCAD) to better define this proposal needed technical specifications.

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