List of Work-Packages

Step l

The network is a standard ISDN network which is the only one available within the two next years for international interconnection. The video features will just as well be carried out through standard visioconferencing devices, which will operate at least at 384 Kbit/s. These connections will be established in the start-up of the project TESUS 1 as point to point videoconferencing. Additional devices like tele- overwriting (over the transmitted image) and/or fixed image transmission will enrich the surgical staff sessions. The main objectives of this step is to reach a first level of definition in the specif cations and to allow beginning of interactive collaboration as soon as possible. Gradual activation of a WWW server and its surgical video input is part of this step.
  1. Work-Package WP01: Surgical Staff Specification
  2. Work-Package WP02: Point to Point Vidoeconferencing Platform
  3. Work-Package WP03: Medical Validation of Videoconferencing Platform
  4. Work-Package WP04: Multiconferencing Platform

Step 2

The working network environment is extended to a multiconferencing unit still in a standard visioconferencing mode. Specific developments in applications like remote pointing device, multiple image transmission and windowing will be included in the test protocol.

First test on ATM dedicated links will be implemented during the second part of this step between two or three users in a position to be connected to ATM networks supplied by public and private operators. The definition and technical specifications of an interworking unit allowing connection between narrowband and broadband networks will be the engineering object of this phase.

This step will allow inclusion of others European surgical teams wanting to connect to the TESUS network. Input volume increase and interconnection between the WWW server of TESUS and the database prototype of MASTER (integrated multimedia database in the transmission infrastructure of this project) are scheduled in this step.

  1. Work-Package WP05: Medical Validation of Multiconferencing Platform
  2. Work-Package WP06: Surgical Database Specifications
  3. Work-Package WP07: Enhanced Services Specifications
  4. Work-Package WP08: ATM Platform
  5. Work-Package WP09: Medical Validation of ATM Platform
  6. Work-Package WP10: Interworking Specifications

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