WP01: Surgical Staff Specifications

User requirements definition document for telesurgical staffs between the 6 primary partners. This includes the actual scenario of the staffs as well as the hoped-for << medical quality information >> coming forth concerning relevancies for patients, physicians and hospitals. For each clinical partner, users will define their own problems, interests and needs in their own languages. Those descriptions will take into account the traditional working environments.

Work groups will be established, according to the general organisation of the project, gathering experts (users in sectors groups) of each speciality. Preparation of the surgical staffs will have to be implemented on each hospital level with the involved surgical teams: creation of documents and database input. Following program will be proposed: a monthly telesurgical staff will be held in the first 3 months of equipment installation, then accelerated into two staffs a month, as well as one teletraining session a month before the upgrade to two sessions a month.

This WP is preliminary work to the implementation of WP02. WPO1 will produce a final document comprising of the medical aspects to the Surgical Staffs. This document is Deliverable 1.

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