WP02: Point to Point Visioconferencing Platform

Using the documents issued from WPO1, WP02 will << translate >> the identified user needs into technical specifications. By using existing technologies (H261, 384 Kbs ISDN Links) and ready to use applications, a first level of platform will be assembled. The purpose of this first level of hardware will be to validate the basic << service >> concepts established in the WPO1. Verifying the different sectors and specific applications and services with selected samples of users, sector by sector, as well as verifying the work places, environment and organisational oriented problems of each scenario, is a strong element of WP02. Analysing the different sectors, users oriented parameters, acceptance, effects, and benefits is part of it.

Diagram 5: Point to Point Videoconferencing

Samples of users in each sectors and countries will be involved in that activity. They will aim at verifying, on the successive levels of demonstrators, the usability, acceptance, work process and flow of the applications installed. Each step will produce identified problems and new questions lists to be solved and answered in the next level of demonstrator. First level of hardware will include the terminals and the narrowband network, and will allow point to point communications between the 6 primary clinical partners.

Creation of technical groups and naming corresponding leader is part of WP02. Translation of me user needs into functional and socio-economical specifications will be approached. This WP concludes with Deliverable 2.

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