WP03: Medical Validation of Visioconferencing

A global and common compilation of all the group conclusions, step by step, will provide sectors, user oriented scenarios and a first level of general description for a multiconferencing system. The sectors working groups will be in charge of collecting, analysing and describing user needs in each medical speciality involved in the project. Each working group conclusion, including the possible specific market relevance, will be compiled covering step by step the subsequent applications and services.

Identifying sectorials and cross-sectors medical user needs as well as proposing specific and common scenarios and platforms is the goal of WP03. This phase of the project will enhance and adapt the documents issued from WPO1, taking into account the technological constraints and the common applications and services as well as common integration and usage rules.

Workshops activating discussions between users, partners and decision makers under the co-ordination of the IRCAD, with the technical involvment of industrial partners, will make use of common methods and tools to ensure a standard coverage in each working group. Review of iterative drafts will involve the designated expert of each working group and of the co-ordinating team.

Final cross workshop with users and technical group will try to reflect the general market needs. Each clinical partner will aim at using and adapting existing market analysis, and showing how new specific services can play a role in each defined sector. Cost evaluation is part of it.

Sectors consolidated documents (improved services specifications) describing users defined and analysed interests as well as description of various users environments and infrastructures, put together with market relevance descriptions will be the elements of Deliverable 3.

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