WP04: Multiconferencing Platform

Using the documents issued from WP03 defining the sectors, user oriented needs, WP04 will << translate >> them into technical specifications of first level of demonstrator. The first level of demonstrator will be an enhancement of the videoconferencing platform WP02 through integration of multiconferencing hardware and dedicated applications. The narrowband network will allow multipoint communications between groups of 4 clinical partners at any given time.

The purpose of this level of hardware will be to validate the different scenarios established in WP03. Verifying the different sectors and specific applications and services, as well as verifying the workstations, ergonomy, environment and organisational oriented problems of each scenario is part of WP04.

This WP concludes with elaboration of Deliverable 4, which is the Demonstrator 1.

Diagram 6: Multiconferencing Platform.

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