WP06: Surgical Database Specifications

End-users and providers in the clinical field will define in this work-package the general performance aspects and relevance of a surgical database. For this, the surgeons participating in teaching and training seminars organised by the European Institute of Telesurgery KITS in Strasbourg will constitute the perfect field for testing ideas on a large scale (400 surgeons per year, 600 past participants, address database of over 18.000 European surgeons).

Clips on surgical procedure aspects, supported by hyper-text additions and large cross-referencing will have to be implemented according to scenarios and scripts defined by the University Clinics partners between themselves. Expertise by private operators like the three University Network operators will be extremely precious, as all have already completed realisation of several working WWW databases.

Concepts will thus be in a position to be validated after definition of the surgical database specifications, as the implementation of a working multimedia database, especially in surgery, will need hardware and software developments under way in the Eurêka MASTER project. Furthermore, today's Internet links do not allow transmission of high quality video mandatory for surgical advice, but can still provide essential help in diagnostic approach, author referencing, creation of surgical complication repertories and other tools to be defined. Nevertheless, the preparation of the video material for the future Surgical Database through the TESUS network of leading European University Hospitals will ensure that this database will be functional as soon as the hard- and software aspects have been validated.

WP06 concludes with editing Deliverable 6.

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