WP07: Enhanced Services Specifications

Based on expertise gained in WP04 and WP05, WP07 will define the specifications for enhanced services in the following TESUS 1 concepts: Teletraining, Hot-line and Duty. All of these aspects are of course to be understood on-line.

The need for transmission of high quality video and distant interaction with the images will appear mandatory for the above mentioned applications, thus implying use of higher transmission rates in the ATM structure. It will be up to the medical partners to define quality levels and user oriented applications (like pointer, selection, PiP, etc.), and to telecommunication engineers to translate these requirements into technical specifications for the coming ATM platform.

The engineers will have started their technical specifications approach for WP07 before timing for this WP. This WP is central to TESUS 1 and implies well conducted cooperation between these two groups.

Specific objectives of WP07 are: (1) Set up a hardware and software cross sector basic platform; (2) User oriented adaptation of existing technologies, applications and services; (3) Advanced and user oriented applications and services up to ATM.

Deliverable 7 is the conclusion of this WP.

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