WP08: A TMPlatform

The ATM platform (Demonstrator 2) designed and installed in WP08 will allow medical validation (WP09) of proposed enhanced services (WP07). This platform will consist in interconnecting 3 remote sites to the IRCAD in Strasbourg (MASTER system). These 3 sites are Toulouse, Karlsruhe and Illkirch. The engineers will have started their technical specifications approach for WP08 before timing for this WP. See Map #x: ATM platform.

One terminal on each site will be connected to the central MASTER system through pure point to point ATM links, with no << switch to switch >> protocols. These three terminals will be seen as remote terminals of the main system. The main purpose of this experimentation is more the validation of the enhanced services (higher quality video...) than ATM technical achievement.

Diagram 7: Demonstrator 2

Terminals used for this experimentation are those developed in the framework of the MASTER project. These terminals will offer high quality audio and video across an ATM interface. They will allow medical validation (WPO9) of the proposed enhanced services (WP07). Although the videocompression devices are expected to be used in high quality mode, they should also allow a lower quality standard videoconference mode. The co-existence of the 2 modes will definitely feed the WPIO regarding interworking specifications. WP08 concludes with Deliverable 8, which is the Demonstrator 2.

Demonstrator I remains active for all medical applications of the project not needing high quality video.

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