WP09: Medical Validation of ATM Platform

Using point to point ATM experiments in transmission of video in surgical quality, the project's clinical partners will be in a position to validate the technical choices made in WP07 and WP08, and to define the options for optimising the performances from the medical point of view and the ergonomics of the medical workstation (telecommunications).

Using this platform to experiment with the concepts of Teletraining, Hot-line and Duty will be challenging for the medical partners, as this is breaking ground in more than one aspect. In fact, future Europeanisation of high quality surgical counsel services will depend on this validation step. All clinical partners will be put in a position to validate these high transmission links, even if they are not connected to ATM networks in TESUS 1. They will try out this technology by travelling to experimentally equiped sites, thus broadening the medical validation of these ATM services.

WPO9 is to be regarded as the final << user >> document of TESUS 1, through which public and private operators as well as industrial partners will be in a position to infer commercial applications, spreading pace of these technologies, and their eventual costs. Input by hospital administrators at this stage will offer a clearer picture of << financeable >> demand.

All actors of these communication applications will through this WP be able to give elements for an exact definition of the precise balance between medical requirements on one side and financial analysis on the other.

Deliverable 9 is the conclusion of this WP.

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